Journey song Faithfully: Miley amazing singing skills

Journey song Faithfully: Miley amazing singing skills

Fans of Miley Cyrus recently treated to a special performance of Journey famous song “Faithfully.” Miley showed off her amazing singing skills live at the famous Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles in a cool black-and-white video that was shared on social media. In the background, there was a beautiful Christmas tree.

Journey song Faithfully and Flowers are two more Miley songs.

Journey song Faithfully: Miley amazing singing skills

This isn’t the first sneak peek Miley has given us into one of her shows. She had earlier shared a video of herself singing her hit song “Flowers” at a party before Thanksgiving at the Chateau Marmont. The Christmas tree theme makes it look like both movies are from the same event. Miley seems to be giving us music as a gift this holiday season!

Miley hadn’t performed in public since almost the whole year of 2023 before this event. The last public event she did was host her own New Year’s Eve show in Miami at the end of 2022. The party on Thanksgiving Eve was extra special because it was the first time she sang “Flowers” in front of real people. You may remember hearing this song at a special Backyard Session in March to celebrate the release of her album “Endless Summer Vacation.”

Journey song Faithfully: Miley won’t be going on any big tours: the real story

Miley Cyrus shocked everyone earlier this year when she said she has no plans for another big concert tour. Her last big tour was in 2014 to promote the record “Bangerz.” Even though she’s put out four more studio records in the last ten years, she’s been playing smaller shows in her backyard and at festivals to keep things more personal. Miley talked about why she doesn’t want to go on another world tour any time soon in an interview with Vogue UK.

“Like singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people isn’t really what I love to do.” There isn’t any link. There is no safety. It doesn’t make sense either. “It’s so lonely because you’re by yourself in a crowd of 100,000 people,” she said.

Miley sets the record straight.

After her words caused a stir, Miley went on social media to explain. She played down the comment about “no connection” while stressing how hard life is on the road. Miley says that she’s stepping back from big shows because of how hard it is to be on tour.

We might not see Miley performing in huge halls any time soon, but we can still enjoy her powerful shows in smaller venues, like the recent Journey cover under the warm glow of Christmas lights. And who knows, Miley’s musical journey might have more shocks in store for us!